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  • Recycling of sulphuric acid +

    transport1KSC at Port Clarence Works and its parent company ECO-Option (UK) Limited in Northwich operate two multi-stage production plants for the recycling of spent sulphuric acid from a wide variety of manufacturing processes. With an combined installed acid treatment capacity of 80,000 tpa, we are UK market leader and focus predominantly on higher strength acids up to 98%.

    Various production lines with differing configurations, allow us to accommodate a variety of resources and guarantee continuity during maintenance shutdowns. All sulphate derived from the spent sulphuric is recycled for use in agricultural fertiliser.

    We accept spent acid both in bulk and IBC's whilst maintaining the highest environmental and Health & Safety standards at all times.

    With clients from the UK and abroad, we are well versed in organising international shipment of hazardous goods as well as TransFrontier Shipment of Wastes procedures. 

  • Recycling of ammonia resources +

    KSC uses ammonia for the production of ammonium sulphate for use in agricultural fertiliser. 

    We accept ammonia solutions in various strengths up to 34% from a number of manufacturing processes to treat acid resources. 

    All nitrogen derived from the ammonia resources is recycled for use in agricultural fertiliser. 

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KSC (Port Clarence) Limited, a subsidiary of ECO-Option
Port Clarence Works, Huntsman Drive
Middlesbrough, TS2 1SD
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