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    KSC operates an acid dilution plant for the production of 77% and custom grade sulphuric acids for use in industrial production processes.

    We have an installed production capacity of 30,000 tpa.

    We supply sulphuric acid in bulk loads from 19 - 28 tons whilst maintaining the highest environmental and Health & Safety standards at all times. Our tankers are equipped for compressor delivery into bulk storage tanks and are contineously monitored via GPS to ensure that up to date delivery information can be provided to our clients. 

    Professional ADR trained drivers competently handle all aspects of the delivery including delivery paperwork to ensure audit traceability. 

    With clients from the UK and abroad, we are well versed in organising international shipment of hazardous goods.

  • Nitric & Phosphoric acid +

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KSC (Port Clarence) Limited, a subsidiary of ECO-Option
Port Clarence Works, Huntsman Drive
Middlesbrough, TS2 1SD
Tel: +44 (0)1642 - 544 011